What kind of store is this?

I Need This Unicorn is an online store that has apparel and accessories. From sarcastic tees to video game shirts with illustrations or simply just words. A beauty and lifestyle blog is paired with this shop.

What is your inspiration behind this brand?

My life and my interests. Also meme accounts on Instagram and Pinterest.
Yeah, it’s varied. But I wanted to do what I wanted to do. No boss, no waking up early, just me creating my art. I like Warcraft, makeup, unicorns, pizza, guitars and making sarcastic remarks. I'm an artist, both visual and a musician and I prefer to do my own thing.

I had always wanted to create a stationery and a t-shirt line. So this is my t-shirt brand. I have a separate custom invitation business as well.

What method of printing do you use?

Direct-to-Garment (DTG), which means the design is printed directly onto the fabric using special inks. This means each shirt is made to order, which has been a great advantage to the t-shirt industry! The other accessories such as the bags, mugs, even the robe also use this method.

What do you have in-stock?

Most of the items in this store are made to order by various different printing companies, which means I do not carry stock on printed items, like t-shirts and makeup bags.

For printed items, I use the drop ship method, which means I upload my designs to a website that prints and ships merchandise for me. I do not see or touch the items. Unfortunately I cannot show you what the actual shirts look like or the measurements unless I own it myself. However, I would love to buy every single shirt of every size and have people model these shirts for me. I want you, the customer to feel good about selecting the right size and fit.

How fast can you ship?

Because I do not have any of the merchandise in my possession, I cannot personally control how fast an item prints and ships. It’s completely in the hands of whichever print company the items is associated with. Therefore, I do not offer rush shipping. If you need items by a certain time, please order as early as you can.

Some items that need sewing do take longer to make, so please allow time for items such as the makeup bags, robes, and scarves. Those items are actually made in Canada, so they will also take longer to ship. Estimate about two weeks for your order to arrive. Shirts take less time, especially with smaller orders.

How come my order is arriving in different shipments?

Depending on what you order, items may come from different printing companies. That is because I use a few different companies to print the items. So you may get different emails saying that your order has shipped. For example, the makeup bags are from a different company than the t-shirts. 

What brand shirts do you use?

Alternative, Anvil, Bella + Canvas, Next Level. The specific styles are listed on the size chart page.

What is that vinegar smell?

I know, right? It's the spray the printer uses to keep the ink vibrant. You will want to wash them before wearing, it's a strong smell, but it goes away in one wash.

How do I wash my shirts?

I put the care instructions on the labels, but normal cotton shirts, I would wash the colors in cold water and tumble dry on medium.

The Next level and Bella tank tops I always wash in Woolite, and a hang dry them so they don't pill up in the dryer or shrink. I find that over time, the Next Level racerback tank tops tend to stretch, especially in the straps. After seeing this, I would actually lay those flat to dry on a rack instead of hanging them.

What if the shirts shrink in the wash?

We cannot take returns or provide refunds on shirts that have been washed. So you will need to take proper care of your garments when washing. Many of the items are pre-shrunk, so hopefully this will not be an issue. I would also take care to not use the highest heat on any cycle.

What does the terry fabric feel like?

They feel like normal shirt fabric, they're not anything like towels if that's what you've been picturing.

Do you have sales?

Who doesn’t like saving money? There will be occasional sales! Be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media for coupon codes!

What is the return policy?

All the info is on the store policies page. But in short, I cannot accept returns, unless there is a printing mistake. I will do exchanges in case you need another size.

How can I be certain a shirt will fit?

The size charts are listed on this page. There are many different brands and styles, and sizing may vary depending on your own body and how you like your clothes to fit. Many of the women’s styles are pretty fitted, so if you like your clothes to be slightly more comfortable, you can size up for a looser fit.

How come larger sizes cost more? 

I hear you. I hate how larger sizes cost more, however, it costs more for the printing company purchase them, which then costs me and then unfortunately for you. I did do you a small favor and will make $1.50 - $2 less profit on plus size because I didn't want my customers to have to pay more.

Why are certain designs on men's t-shirts?

For ease of organization and because I’m not sure if men would be drawn to this website in the first place. But if there is enough demand for a certain design to be a men’s tee or whatever product, I can certainly make that happen! Just let me know!

Why aren’t the shirts listed as gender neutral?

Honestly, wear whatever you want. These are listed as men’s and women’s based on the cuts of the shirts. Personally I hate how men’s cut shirts look on me because they’re too boxy and baggy for my body. Your tastes and your body will be different than mine. Wear whatever you want, how ever you want. For the ease of shopping for the general consumer, I have listed it by gender.

What are low arm holes?

As a customer, I hate getting shirts and not realizing that they came with low arm holes, which show the sides of my bra... or worse! The smaller busted tend to get away with this look a little better when they pair it with bralettes.
However, I love the cut (muscle tanks) and how soft the fabric is. You can wear these however you want. Layered with a cami, a bralette, or you can just show the damn bra if you don't care. I wear these when working out at home. Sports bras are more forgiving if you boob pops out and I'm at home where no one can see anyway.

The description for the shirt is wrong and the fit wasn't how you described.

Sometimes, companies change their shirts without letting their customers know and if this is no longer the case with shirts I have marked, please let me know.

Also, since my body is different than yours I have a different experience with the fit. The large busted tend to have issues with shirts being tight. And I mention to size up for a looser fit just in case you're like me and your normal size feels really tight on a certain style of shirt.

Anything else?

White shirts tend to be see-through!

Are the Warcraft shirts endorsed by Blizzard?

No, they’re purely fan created and I was careful not to include anything that would be a copyright violation. 

Why does the hoodie only come in the Mage class?

Because Mage is the best.
(Also because it depends on the colors the supplier carries.) Based on the supplier, I can make a men's Death Knight and Shaman, and women's Death Knight, Shaman, Priest and Paladin.

Why are there unicorns on the label?

That's my brand! If the unicorns bother you, it will be hidden by your neck anyway.

Do the makeup bags have compartments?

Only the large makeup bags, the 10" and 12". There are two in the middle of the bag, but they aren't self closing. My goal is to have my own makeup bags produced, with pockets, and padding so it would be ideal for air travel. Also, made with fabrics that can wipe clean easily!

Will you make clothes for babies and children?

lol wut?

Can I purchase your merchandise in person?

I Need This Unicorn is purely online. If I ever purchase inventory to sell at a trade show or a fair, I will be sure to post it on social media.   

Where can I follow you on social media?

Please be aware that the Facebook page is not maintained by me, so if you have any questions please send me an email and I will reply to you.)